Premiere Radio Represents Benz Town Branding by Sound Quadrat

Benz Town Branding by Sound Quadrat

After years of creating cutting edge, outstanding custom production elements, jingles, beatmixes and logo-based imaging solutions for radio stations all over the world, Sound Quadrat changed the game. Premiere Radio Networks proudly presents Benz Town Branding by Sound Quadrat.

More than a dozen weekly updated categories: drum loops, music beds, plug n play sweepers, artist workparts, branding, stagers, drone, sound effects, promo workparts, sound effects, pads, show openers, drones, samples promo workparts,

Benz Town Branding Demo August 2008 (
download demo 7.94 mb

Benz Town Branding is the ultimate production service for the 21st century and beyond. Sound Quadrat is ready to hit your station today. It is available in four different and tasty flavors: lovely AC, cutting edge CHR, a** kicking ROCK and with more blingbling in URBAN. Register for a trial account and preview Benz Town Branding now.

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  1. Mike says:

    Benztown Branding signs the world famous voice talent Harry Legg! This was posted a few days ago in the clients area…

  2. Jason says:

    Hey guys, I got the CHR service from Benztown Branding – it’s da bomb!!!!!

  3. Hi Mike,thanks for press, Benztown Branding works the same like Production Vault. In fact, it is released in the US through Premiere Radio.

    ReadyToGoCHR and ReadyToGoCountry are sold worldwide by TM Studios.

  4. Frank says:

    There’s something new from Benz Town. Does anybody know something about the BenztownVoiceOverGroup?? Thanks…


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