Prodspire: 106 Jack FM Radio Imaging

106 Jack FM

This radio station didn’t get two Silver Sony Awards and 1 Gold Sony Award for nothing. It’s a tribute to the station’s creative programming and production. Imaging, of course, plays a bigger role. That’s why when 106 Jack FM Oxfordshire grabbed these awards, they turned immediately to guys at Ruptured Spark and give them a pat in the shoulder.

With the collaboration of Chris Nicoll’s wizzFX, Ruptured Spark, run by Arden Hanley, helped the station come up with creative, quirky, and award-winning imaging masterpiece. Ruptured Spark has done imaging for Virgin stations in Toronto, Ottowa, Vancouver, and Montreal.


Arden has over 12 years experience in commercial radio in a number of stations around the world. He’s won multiple awards including Australian Commercial Radio Awards (formerly Rawards), New York Festivals Radio Awards, Rap Magazine, and the Sony Awards in the UK. You can listen to more of his works here.

Ruptured Sparks has also produced two production libraries – Ruptured Sparks I and Ruptured Sparks II. Both CDs were used by some of the world’s leading stations including 95.8 Capital FM London, The Edge and Rock Networks in New Zealand and Nova Radio. Listen to the demos below and visit for details.

106 Jack FM Imaging

Ruptured Spark Volume 1 Subliminal

Ruptured Spark Volume 1 “Violated”

Ruptured Spark Volume 2 voiced by Dave Foxx

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