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Fame FX


Sound Quadrat, the company behind some of the most successful jingle packages such as those produced for Big FM, My FM, and 103.5 Wow FM in the Philippines, is pleased to announce the upcoming launching of its new buyout imaging FX package called Fame FX (www.Fame-FX.com).

Andy Sannemann and Oliver Klenk, producers of this package told us why you should get this package for your station.

  1. Fame FX is cutting edge and developed by 2 of the worlds leading Imaging specialists espacially for the broadcasting industry. Soundquadrat’s Imaging can be heard on more than 200 stations around the globe. Inlcuding world famous industry brands like Clear Channel, FOX, Entercom, Citadel, CBS, Cumulus, Astral, NRJ and many more.
  2. Fame FX is the only self expanding and community featured Sound FX library ever. Each time Fame FX got sold, you’ll receive new workparts and Sound FX.
  3. Fame FX is proven.
  4. Fame FX also delivers the solo workparts to create new Sound FX from scratch.
  5. Fame FX gives you THE Choice. The product is linked to the specific station, a single producer working as freelancer or a production facility or studio.
  6. Fame FX includes NO hidden or additional costs. ROYALTY FREE workparts, which could be used in any of your production or imaging environment. No additional fees, no yearly buyout licences. Pay one time and use it forever.
  7. Fame FX delivers high quality audio. You receive wav. Files in 16bit and 44.1KHZ
  8. Fame FX means NO Waiting and work interruption, get your new Sound FX and imaging workparts via download immediatly after you paid. 3…2..1.. and you are ready to roll.
  9. Purchase Fame FX without Risk.Payment can be made by Credit Card or via paypal.

Here is an interview by Ryan Drean of RyanOnTheRadio.com, watch the video below.

Fame FX Video Interview from Fame FX on Vimeo.

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